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Happy Birthday
Adam Bellner

Donna Bellner
November 17, 2000

Happy 21st Birthday, Adam Bellner , Nov.19, 2000

To My Precious Son , Adam~~~~~~

Seventeen hours of hard labor had passed
Ten fingers and toes, perfect at last~
Blonde little boy, with light blue eyes
So proud when you waved your first "bye-bye"
Tickles and Hugs, soap suds in the bath
How you could always make me laugh
Story books, Hide & seek and camping out
The apple of my eye- there is no doubt
Football, soccer, cub scouts and baseball cards
How we rode our bicycles through the yard
Chicken pox, poison ivy, that awful rash
Riding on your dirt bike, fearful we would crash
Playing your Bass- jammin' with friends
Guitar strings always on the mend
Woofers and tweeters sitting in the den
Oh Adam, your long , blonde, gorgeous hair~
How I miss you lifting me up in the air !!
Rebuilding engines, always working on cars
got to clean up , so the girls don't get far
One night you took me cruising the Whip~
A memory I cherish- I thought I would flip!
Quite the Artist~ Drawing in your book
Asking us to take a look
Silk dragon shirts, silver jewelry, black Jenco jeans
You looked so awesome when you were on the scene!
So handsome, strong, generous and kind
Never would you leave a friend behind~
Going out of your way to help meet their needs
Integrity and honesty was always your Creed!
Your long ,blonde gorgeous hair~ Oh, Adam, My precious Son~
How honored and proud I am to be your Mom!!!

Happy 21st Birthday~Love You Forever!!

With All My Love~~ Mom

Written by:
Donna Bellner
Mother of:
Adam Bellner
11/19/79 - 02/29/00

Happy 21st Birthday,

Nov. 19, 2000
Id give the world and more to see you standing at my door-
With a great big smile, youd say, Hi , Grandma! How you doing?
You were always ready to lend a helping hand, a more
kind and generous person no one can find.
It is very lonesome here since you left so suddenly but I
have good memories of you Adam.
I watched you grow into a handsome young man
and I miss you so much and love you till we meet again on
that Heavenly shore.

Love you forever~
Grandma Bockelman

Happy Birthday Adam!!! Nov.19, 2000

21 years ago,
On this very special day,
A beautiful baby boy was brought into this world
His mother looked down on him with loving eyes, and
knew that he would brighten and bring joy to the lives
of many others.

And she was right.

As he grew to manhood, troubles and trials faced
him, but he overcame adversity
and somehow managed to touch the lives of all.

He managed to touch the heart of some special person
Who thought that they didn't have a loveable heart.
He also made that person feel beautiful and like they had
nothing to fear in life.

So on this beautiful day, let us celebrate life and love.
Let us be thankful that a heart lives forever and that
memories never fade away.

Love always,
Becky & Andrea